Dynamic development and the good market position of Lubella is achieved thanks to everyone engaged in the development process of Lubella's products, at every step of the way.

People form the greatest asset of the company. The objective of Lubella is to take care of their development, security, and working conditions, where the potential of each employee is best used. Many of our employees have been involved in Lubella for a great many years. They put all their knowledge, experience and heart into their work.

Lubella is a company with a tradition that has been present on the Polish market for decades. We are known not only for our delicious and tasty products, but also for the friendly atmosphere at work and the career opportunities that are available to the best of our employees.

We know that the company is the people. Energetic, full of enthusiasm and new ideas, able to combine what is most important for us: tradition and modernity. We believe in the constant improvement of their professional skills through participation in courses and training aimed at developing their skills and deepening their knowledge. Lubella creates the conditions required to achieve professional success, which also translates into personal life.

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